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Top 10 Recommendations for Dealerships Selling Cars, Vans, Motorhomes and Caravans

If you are a motor dealership, group or manufacturer,

It’s important you are equipped with the most essential advertising products, to help market your vehicles for sale.

Below you will find our “Top 10” dealer recommendations, to help you do just that.

1) Vehicle Pricing Units – to suit all types of vehicles!

  • Professional pricing displays for budget to deluxe vehicles
  • Systems that take clip-in figures, printed A4 sheets and flip-over booklets.

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2) Pyramid Car-Toppers – attract attention from passers by!

  • Our best value car-top display
  • With x2 strong rubber coated magnets

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3) Branded Number Plate Covers – ensure your brand stands out!

  • Strong gloss white acrylic
  • Choice of Velcro or Clips to secure

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4) Portable Flags & Poles – our number 1 product for attracting attention!

  • Quality forecourt flag poles
  • High strength printed flags for durability

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5) Windscreen Sashes – low in cost & re-usable perfect for events!

  • Choice of re-usable materials
  • Ideal for short term promotions

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6) Rear Window & Service Reminder Stickers

  • Remind your customers of their next service
  • Branded with your contact details

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7) Branded Key Rings – an essential item for every dealership!

  • Budget to more premium key rings
  • Branded with your contact details

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8) Heavy Duty Feather Flags – our number 1 for attracting attention!

  • 2 sizes available – 3.3m and 5.1m
  • Complete with Flag, Pole and car base

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5m Heavy Duty Feather Flag Pole

9) Spec Card Holders – a dealer essential for displaying information!

  • Takes x1 printed A4 sheet
  • Options for forecourts and showrooms

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10) Toblerone Showroom Units – low in cost and disposable!

  • Large display, 2.1m in height
  • Visible from 3 angles
  • Ideal for showroom events & car launches

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About Portfolio Display

We can help your motor dealership to make big improvements to your printed advertising materials, point of sale and for sale signage. These improvements will help you to look professional, so you sell more cars, vans and trucks.

We support the following Automotive clients;

  • Independent car, van and truck dealerships
  • Motor groups
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Finance and warranty companies

Our range of automotive POS materials enhances the appearance of used car forecourts and new car showrooms, helping to attract more visitors to your motor dealership.

If you need advice on which products can work for your dealership, please contact our advisors who can recommend a range of automotive display products.

All the best,

Rob Walker (Director)
Portfolio Display Ltd.

01422 370021

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