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Do I need planning permission to install a flagpole?

This question always raises a number of answers, the following is intended as a guidance only. If you intend to fly the Union flag or national flag of any country then you do not need planning permission to install a flagpole. Mounted flagpoles used for advertising and promotional purposes are controlled under Advertisement Regulations and would normally require consent from your local council. Flagpoles installed on listed buildings would require listed building consent.

No more than one flagpole would normally be permitted on buildings, listed buildings or buildings within conservation areas. An exception can sometimes be made for major public buildings or for buildings such as chain stores or hotels. Local councils policies on flagpoles can differ from each other so it is always advised to seek guidance from your local council before any plans are made.

Generally planning permission will be required if you intend to fly flags used for advertising. Portable flagpoles are an alternative solution as they do not require planning permission. A preferred option for new and used car dealerships. Contact us today if you are looking for high quality flagpoles.


  1. A local building site which is building 22 houses & 8 flats recently put up 7 flags advertising the company. They were all above 4.6 mtrs. As they had not asked for permission, they were made to take them down. They have now asked for a retrospective application. In your opinion will they get permission. The regs seem to say that 2 flags for that number of properties would be allowed. The site already has a large amount of advertising material along its boundary & on high hoardings.

    1. Each council tends to have it’s own set of rules. I was once in Harrogate at a motor dealer and I know that they would turn an application down for permanent poles. So the dealer used portable flagpoles and had no issues. It’s always best to check with your council. A quick call should answer any questions.

  2. QUOTE “Portable flagpoles are an alternative solution as they do not require planning permission. A preferred option for new and used car dealerships.” This does not appear to be the case as a number of car dealerships in Bury are all being threatened with enforcement action against portable flagpoles located under car wheels.. Some have made application for advertisement consent and been refused..

    1. That’s interesting to know, I’ve never heard of an issue with Portable Flagpoles that are secured under a vehicles wheel. I wonder whether they have gone for overkill and displayed a lot more than necessary.
      We have seen some dealers put up literally hundreds of portable flagpoles on one site, and then a week later the number has been drastically reduced. So they were probably targeted by the council.
      As long as you are sensible there shouldn’t be an issue, and if there is then you can deal with your local council, as each one has there own rules.

  3. We recently replaced the old flagpole in our Church grounds which had been around for over 60 years in preparation to celebrate 100years of the Church having been built we flew the Saint Michael’s Flag and within 24hrs an objection to the Council was sent by a neighbour to say the flag and flagpole (4″dia 6mts tall) was obstructing his view Since last October we have awaited the outcome of Planning to now be told its advertising so it cant be flown
    Our Church used to (10years ago) celebrate the Saints Feast days as they fell due plus show respect by ‘drooping ‘ the flag on special occasions Mind you this is in Wales Where the law says you can erect a Flag Pole but not fly a flag Anyone travelling though our Town will not fail to notice 17 flags of different natation’s and designs hanging from the walls of buildings

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