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Effective pricing units for car forecourt and showroom display

At Portfolio Display we like to pride ourselves on coming up with new and unique ideas to help your company display the cars you have for sale professionally. We would like to introduce our original and best selling design, the personalised ‘Pricemaker’ display unit. This product can bring sophistication to any car showroom.

This is a stylish but compact pricing unit, made from high impact 2mm clear acrylic. Each unit comes complete with an easy to use flip over pricing booklet, making pricing up vehicles very easy. The unit can be secured into position in no time with the use of the magnetic rubber strip base, either to the bonnet or rooftop. You can also position onto a cars dashboard as another display option.

Why not accompany this unit with our Deluxe pricing hanger suitable for hanging from a vehicles sun-visor or rear view mirror. The deluxe hanger is made from the same material as the Pricemaker unit and also comes with the flip-over figures. These are ideal for use in car showrooms and on forecourts for new and used cars.

We can supply both the Pricemaker and Deluxe hanger with your own personalised company graphics in up to full colour. Lead times are fast and we can also produce as low as 10 units.

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