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How to install a Banner

Where possible you should install your banner against a solid object, preferably a wall. Banners can also be attached onto fences and scaffolding as another option. The fencing should also be secure as banners can act as a strong sail in winds, which could easily knock over unsecure fencing.

Our banners are all finished with a reinforced edging and brass eyelets as standard. The eyelets are used to secure your banner onto a wall or fencing using a number of fixings, which include bungees or rope. For a more permanent fixing you may decide to use bolts drilled into brick work.

Depending on the size of your banner they are generally very light, but we recommend using an assistant when installing banners in high positions, or when banners are long in length. When installing large format banners we would always recommend using an experienced installation team, which can easily be found by doing a Google search.

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