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Motor industry hit by banks not wanting to lend

The motor industry needs as much help as it can get right now so it can recover from the recession. Banks are being blamed for not providing enough loans to the motor industry. RBS are the only bank to have launched a £1 billion manufacturing fund. The rest of the banks are only willing to finance global vehicle manufacturers.

At Portfolio Display we agree with motor industry leaders that the banks should be providing more loans to help with the recovery of the industry from recession. Small to large businesses across the UK also need more support from their banks to aid with cash flow during difficult trading periods.

Cutting back on promotional display is a quick and easy way of reducing a companies outgoings. This should be a companies last resort as marketing during a recession helps to boost companies presence when the market recovers. Products such as banners can help to promote areas of a business that may have taken a dip in sales. They could also be used to promote the sale of old stock, which can then be replaced by fresh new stock that will generate higher profit margins.

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