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Car shoppers go online to beat the winter freeze

With the UK recently hit by severe arctic weather, UK car dealers have noticed a large increase in online bidding with up to £4.5 million spent on used cars. With hits and bidding on the increase in January the UK’s online auction sites have reported the biggest jump in traffic since they started, boosting January’s used car figures making up for the lack of customers forecourts. This sudden increase in online bidding may have been brought by the server weather but if customers trusted and enjoyed the service then online bidding will be a growing market in the future. Used car dealers are going to have to start thinking about advertising their website using marketing techniques. We recommend PVC banners on their forecourt to drive passing customers to their website to increase hits.

Here at Portfolio we are positive that 2010 will be a good year for the new and used car dealers, with increasing online bidding car dealers will need to focus on their forecourt display. We recommend branding your cars with car-top panels and pricing units with a large clear price. We can print everything to match, any colour any logo giving your forecourt a professional branded imagine.

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