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Ford and Hyundai increase in car sales boosts profits

Hyundai has reported an increase in profits from October to December, which was helped by the Government incentives to boost car sales. Net profits for the period were £505m, which is a very healthy profit considering the market conditions. Analysts had not predicted that profits would be so high. Hyundai was one of the winners of the car scrappage scheme, which is a contrast with many other car makers who have struggled with falling sales.

Ford has also just posted an annual profit for the first time in over four years. The manufacturer posted profits of £1.7bn in 2009 compared to a loss of almost $15bn in 2008. They also forecast to make a profit this year, which is very good news considering where they were the year before. Ford had to make many cuts across their whole company which included 9,000 job losses. But the profits will come as good news to the 80,000 employees who managed to keep their jobs.

Most manufacturers still face challenging times ahead, but it is looking as though the worst has passed. Dealerships across the UK will have already set their forecasts for 2010 and also considered what branding their forecourts will need. Keeping dealerships up to date is key to promoting a healthy looking company. Our range of point of sale products, which includes car top panels, pricing units, banners and many other forecourt display products will help to promote dealers during 2010.

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