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Giveaways – why are they so important at events?

We’ve learnt a lot from being in the marketing industry for over thirty years; one thing we’ve learnt is that consumers have a better impression and feel more positively about you and your company after receiving a promotional giveaway item.

Below are a few reasons why giveaway items at Trade Shows/Events are important and make for a longer lasting impression on the customers:

  1. An increase in traffic to your exhibition – it has been proven that companies who display promotional giveaway items at their events have a significantly higher number of prospects to their exhibition than companies who do not display the giveaway items.

  1. Promotional items improve your brands image – giveaways can help to improve your brand positively to potential customers and will make it more likely to consider your products or services over a company who hasn’t taken the time to think about promotional items.

  1. Customers who have promo gifts are more likely to remember your company and brand – trade shows/events are important in helping you set your company apart from others in a positive way. Studies have shown that 71% of visitors who received a promotional item at a trade show or event remember the name of the company who gave them the product.

  1. Capturing your potential customers attention is a lot easier if your display looks visually pleasing – is there any point in investing in promotional products if no one comes to your event/stall? Your display must stand out from the crowd, it must be laid out in a professional manner where it will still be eye-catching!

If you’re planning on adding in promotional gifts into your marketing strategy, make sure they are useful to the customer, the more they use the gift the more they’ll see your name!

You can find our range of promotional items to help promote your brand at events below:

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