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How we helped the largest motor group in Europe

 Sytner - Approved Used Programme for Sytner Select
The Sytner Group is the largest motor group in the UK with over 100 dealers and annual turnover of £5 billion.

When they called Portfolio Display for help, they were trying to solve 3 problems on their car forecourts:

1. How to differentiate their non-franchised vehicles for sale across their forecourts to stop those vehicles from going to auction (which was hurting their bottom line).

2. How to maintain consistency. With over 100 dealerships it was hard for them to maintain consistency in their POS materials.

3. How to develop a solution to get high quality POS materials ordered quickly and efficiently.

Sytner POS Branding Guide

We collaborated with their team and came up with a solution that has proven to work well.

Here is what Chris Dennis of Sytner said;

“Portfolio Display has produced an absolutely stunning POS Branding Catalogue, which enables our centres to place orders, quickly and efficiently. And we have the peace of mind to know that POS for Sytner Select is universally the same across the group.”

You may not be a giant £5 billion brand like Sytner. And your needs may be different.

But the bottom line is like this;

If we can help solve complex problems for big brands like Sytner; do you think we would be able to come up with a few good ideas to help you achieve your goals too?

I am confident we can, and I would love the opportunity to prove it to you.

All the best,

Rob Walker (Director)
Portfolio Display Ltd.

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