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The new Windsail Flag Design

To keep yourself ahead in business it is important to be constantly looking for new ideas. Here at Portfolio Display we strive to bring you the latest up-to-date and innovative products we think will create a successful impact on your company. This is why we are proud to be introducing to our range of ‘windsail flags’ the ‘Teardrop’ style.

With its sectional glass fibre pole, digitally printed flag and own carry bag for easy transportation it has all the fantastic features of the originals but in a stylish modern design, perfect for use either indoor or out. The ‘Teardrop Sail Flag’ is extremely popular with sporting and special events and is generally used for sponsorship logos and branding.

Another great new optional add on to the ‘Teardrop Windsail Flag’ that we have introduced is the water filled base. This will enable the product to be erected practically anywhere in just a matter of seconds. You can view a range of ‘Baseplates’ that fit our Windsail Flags that suit your requirements.

We also provide a professional personalised flag printing service for companies that are wanting to create something unique for their business. We can digitally or screen-print your custom made flag in up to full colour, providing high quality results. We also supply a large range of stock flags for those looking for a cheaper alternative.

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