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Advertise The Car Scrappage Scheme with Bunting and Car-Top Displays

The government’s car scrappage scheme has been given the go ahead by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson to be extended to cover another 100,000 cars. An extra £100 million extra cash has been given to top up the schemes pot. The motor industry is hoping that the new extension will encourage more new car sales in the lead up to the new year and boost the increasing used car market. To help even more the government has dropped the age of your part ex vehicle to eight years old opening the scheme up to many more potential customers.

At Portfolio Display our range of personalised forecourt and showroom display products will help maximise sales by advertising the new scrappage scheme extension, which is set to last until Feb 2010. The new Rallye™ Car-Top Magnetic base is an ideal modern solution to display your advertising message. The new base works with our car top panels which can be printed with any message or slogan, informing potential customers of the benefits of the scrappage scheme as they walk round your forecourt. Why not use some of our stock slogans, which include Automatic, Diesel, Economical, For Sale and many more to brand and label your stock.

Personalised bunting is a quick and effective way of advertising the car scrappage scheme to potential passing customers. Bunting is a very effective form of advertisement due to being easily visible on any forecourt due to it’s elevated position.

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