Our wireless Rallye ® Digital Pricing Displays will revolutionise your car forecourts, with real time live pricing.

Ensuring 100% accurate content at all times, without wasting time and money doing this manually.

NEW Rallye® Digital Price Displays

NEW Wireless Technology

  • NEW Groundbreaking wireless technology
  • Long-life battery - 2+ years
  • Wide connectivity on the forecourt & showroom
  • Automated daily pricing - with 100% accuracy
  • No outdoor infrastructure required
  • Automate your content live from your website / ERP system

Dealer Benefits

  • Display accurate pricing options
  • Prices consistent on your website & in the vehicle
  • Sales teams no longer need to open vehicles to change prices
  • Potential to increase profits due to accurate real-time market pricing
  • QR code directs people into that vehicles webpage
  • Change templates with unique content

Digital Forecourt Displays

BENEFITS - Digital Price Displays

  • Automated daily price updates, providing 100% accuracy
  • Substantial cost savings over competing technologies
  • Ultra-low power consumption, 2-year battery life
  • NEW wireless technology, requires no WIFI / Bluetooth or expensive sim-cards
  • Innovative ABS display casing, with large printable area.

FEATURES - Digital Price Screens

  • 4.2″ Digital screen, in black & white
  • UV screen protector
  • NEW wireless technology, with wide connectivity
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Supports text, images and a QR code
  • Light & compact, easy to install

ISO9001 / ISO14001 Accredited

Guaranteed quality every time

Custom Pricing Software

Designed to easily send pricing / info

Delivery / Support

We'll deliver materials direct to your sites & offer support

Client Case Studies

How Does it Work?

  • You add a vehicle reg plate into the software to connect a tag
  • You then send live pricing to that Reg Plate, so it lands in the correct vehicle
  • You can then sit back, whilst the software sends your pricing

2 Types of Digital Pricing Displays

Designed for the Forecourt or Showroom

Rallye® Digital Pricing Display for Car Forecourts
Pricemaker - Digital Pricing for Car Showrooms

Digital Pricing Displays - further info

What is digital pricing?

Digital pricing displays will become an integral part of a motor dealership’s technology stack when selling cars, improving their operational efficiency.

These innovative new digital pricing tools offer several benefits over traditional paper pricing displays, including ease of use, improved visibility, and the potential to increase sales revenues with real-time pricing.

Digital pricing display allow dealerships to quickly and easily update pricing information, which is especially important for dealerships with a large inventory of vehicles.

Instead of having to print new paper displays every time a price changes, dealerships can simply update the digital displays with either a few clicks, or we can automate everything from your website or ERP system.

Digital pricing tags are also easier to use than traditional paper displays as they can be controlled remotely, which means that car dealerships can make updates to pricing displays from a central location.

This saves time and resources, as sales teams no longer have to manually update displays for each individual car. They can now focus more time on selling cars, and dealing with customer enquiries.

For example, dealerships can use digital displays to – Update pricing in real time – Highlight special offers, – Financing or lease options, or – Special vehicle features. This can help customers make more informed decisions and find the car that best suits their needs.

Finally, a digital price display can be integrated to work alongside the dealers advertising, ensuring what a customer sees online, the radio or print advertising, can be matched in the vehicle.

By using a combination of digital tools, dealerships can create a more cohesive and effective marketing strategy. Overall, car digital displays are a valuable tool for car dealerships looking to improve their sales, operational, and marketing efforts.

They are more sustainable than traditional paper displays and can be customized to display a variety of information beyond just the price of the car. By investing in wireless digital display, dealerships can create a more dynamic and effective sales environment, and better connect with potential customers with accurate information.

Another advantage of digital pricing displays is that they can be programmed to display a variety of information beyond just the price of the car.

Digital pricing displays also offer improved visibility due to their large ABS display casing. They can be customized with bold copy and graphics in black and white, which helps them stand out. This display can be seen from across the forecourt, which can help draw in potential customers and increase footfall to the dealership.

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