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Against a broad brief to design a new logo for the IH Motorhomes business, Portfolio Display produced and presented a range of logos in a highly professional presentation that allowed each option to be shown in different media and backgrounds. The new logo designs have been in use for signage, brochures, flags, displays and other media forms over several months and the options selected are presenting the business in an excellent manner. I would thoroughly recommend Portfolio Display to any potential client of their services.

Dean Morgan

IH Motorhomes

Blank Tax Disc Holders


Blank tax disc holders available in a variety of different shapes. Minimum quantities apply.

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  • Circular Tax Disc Holders

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  • Wide range of styles to choose from
  • Supplied in white vinyl as standard
  • Choice of vinyl colours (on request)

Product Name: Blank Tax Disc Holders
Vinyl Colour: White as standard
Other colours available on request: Black, silver, yellow, light blue, dark blue or red

Material: Self Adhesive vinyl / self cling vinyl

*Please note: Minimum quantities apply

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Customer Q & A in Blank Tax Disc Holders

  • We are looking for plain circular tax disc holders for a Residents association. Can you tell me the difference between "self Adhesive" and "Self Cling" Many thanks John Carter
  • Self adhesive tax discs have a sticky glue to one side that attaches the unit to glass. The self cling don't use any sticky glue and use a vinyl material which clings to the glass. If you want a longer lasting product, the self adhesive would be the best option.
  • circular plain disc holders internal diamensions, are they the size of a standard tax disc? What are they in mm? Thanks
  • The internal measurements of the blank tax disk holder are approximately 77mm in diameter which is generally the same size or a little bigger than a tax disk itself.
  • Hi, we are looking to purchase blank tax disk holders but wondered how are they set up? Ideally we would need them still in sheet form so we can print n-up at a time. Is this the case or are they supplied individually? Many Thanks.
  • The shield blank tax discs can be supplied in sheets of 6 up.
  • Hello, Can you tell me which of the black tax disc holders are self adhesive? I'm only looking for either the small round or small shield ones. Thanks you.
  • The small shield personalised tax disc holders are self-adhesive. The circular ones are self cling.
  • Hi, can you print designs on both sides of the tax disc? My product won't be used to show a tax disc but is to be used in a window as a display. Many thanks
  • Yes we can print on both sides of our shield tax disc holders in single spot colours. We can not print full colour to this shape, only full colour can be applied to the circular and small shield shaped tax discs.
  • Can I purchase just a single Tax Disc holder with an emblem of a "BAT" ?
  • no sorry we only produce tax discs in volume of 500 +, mostly for businesses.
  • I have just received my key rings and am pleased with them I would like to order some tax disc holders the same design is it possible
  • Yes we can organise this, your details have been passed to our sales order team who will put together a design and quote and email this across for you shortly.
  • do you do tax disc holders that once fitted to the screen the tax disc can't be removed.
  • No I am sorry we do not offer a locking tax disc holder. Can I ask why you might need it to be secure?
  • Can you print car window stickers 4 colours 2 sides? What would your lead time be for both window stickers and tax disc holders? Thanks.
  • Lead time for these is within 10 working days. Yes we can print double sided window stickers, we'd need to also include 2 block out colours so if you could reduce the number of colours print, it would make it much more cost effective to produce.
  • Can you give me a price for 100 tax disc holders with a no smoking emblem printed on them please?
  • Sorry our minimum run for printed tax discs is x500.
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